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Just pick up your mobile phone and contact us. Our team is available 24/7 hours for providing services. We provide services in all over Pakistan Provinces. 

Contact Us

In any emergency case of theft, robbery, target killing, murder, kidnapping etc.

just pick up your phone and dial our number. Our team is available in every city of Pakistan to help out you.

    Cities we serve are

    Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad , Faisalabad,  Okara,  Multan,  Bahawalpur,  Chakwal,  Sukkur,  Rahim yar khan,  Sahiwal,  Sargodha,  Khushaab,  Mianwali,  Bhakhar,  Layyah,  Gothki,  Vehaari,  Borywala,  Sialkot,  Quetta,  Muree,  Kalaam,  Gilgit,   Gujranwala,  Gujraat,  Ghakhar,  khairpur, mirus , Sadiqabad,  Khanpur,  Rawalpindi

    We are providing service all over Pakistan.

    • Lahore
    • Karachi
    • islamabad
    • Faisalabad
    • Okara
    • Multan
    • Muree
    • Kalaam
    • Gilgit
    • Gujraanwla
    • Gujraat
    • Ghakhar
    • khair pur,
    • mirus
    • Sadiqabad
    • Khan pur
    • Rawalpindi
    • Queeta
    • Bahawalpur
    • Chakwal
    • Sukkur
    • Rahim yar khan
    • Sahiwal
    • Sargodha
    • Khushaab
    • Mianwali
    • Bhakhar
    • Layyah
    • Gothki
    • Vehaari
    • Borywala, Sialkot